Л. нощ деца – Kirlian Camera

kirlian cameraи тази много любима италианска група чат-пат съм я пускал, но този път повече наведнъж

(вокалистката е може би най-сексапилната мацка ever)

Watching those flowers burning out tonight
Screams and soft lovers, memories of a fight.
Slowly the clouds are fading into a cage,
While from my hands is falling another page…
Dreams and lost days are burning in the past,
Velvet black rays are drifting now so fast,
And in the great light I cannot see no more
Where is the right side, where is the golden door.
Mornings and colors are playing out of here,
Because I don’t remember the memories of fear,
The aura of the moondawn is loosing her contours,
Sweet angels of heaven are missing their return.
Echoes of whispers so similar to paint,
Distant, so distant, like diamonds in the rain,
And if for a moment there lights are on your lips,
I know, there’s no answer, but a wonderful eclipse.

10 Коментари to “Л. нощ деца – Kirlian Camera”

  1. kuklowoda Says:

    A sunny morning, almost spring,
    your drowsy smile grey like a kiss
    some weary lover would have given
    to a glorious jewel from the abyss.

    Where are the hours of your rising night…?
    Worn-out and incredibly bright…

    And then again we both wake up
    saying hello to our own world
    a dust like gold was everywhere
    filling the room, the reborn air
    unseen a spetter was waiting
    for that invincible soldier.

    He had my eyes and my cruel heart
    my secret days, my chilling flames
    was near to you while staying apart
    watching his days lost in a game
    made for some ghosts looking like him
    but I can swear he had a dream.

    A sunny morning, maybe March
    And now must turn my face to you,
    I must realize what is that arch
    enemy looking for your blue
    but willing and merciful arms.

    Don’t say a word.
    The world has gone.

  2. kuklowoda Says:

    Don’t be sad and come, come to look out
    of the windows in a wasted morning,
    this lost and menacing sky is yours,
    it’s just my gift, my gift for you.
    Only my hate still remains,
    only closed eyes and hazy shouting
    which are dying out so lazily while
    everything shatters my idiot plans.
    Let’s go for a walk to foggy streets,
    foggy like the dreams we dreamt about and
    keep on staying alive in the frozen dreams
    which somebody sings the praises of.
    Here is just the hand of your cruel friend,
    in a silence „vie“ with no return,
    then you push me back, back to the tiredness
    where I come from… alone?
    Maybe time ago I did give up,
    losing something I was fond of,
    but there is no trick, no lack of awareness,
    if I look back.
    Some hours again, in the loss’s sun,
    and also your eyes will get a flower,
    born among the new fear of the crowd,
    born while waiting crimes to come.
    I have open eyes and I still breathe
    and I breathe pure wrath in the cut air,
    and believe me scorn is not enough
    for this heaven.
    And I breathe the streets of loneliness
    even though they told I was dead
    and I can’t forget the boundless winter
    and what it whispers.
    Only for your eyes I might cry,
    but I cannot look, cannot look t you.
    I have joy and death within myself.
    I have joy and death.

  3. kuklowoda Says:

    Sometimes in the blue room / another dream fades away /
    velvet as the moon / she lays down and resting stays /
    So she’s seeing / the shadow of life /
    falls over the bright light / and so on /
    she’s breathing the air / surrounding celestial stairs /
    And in the bright light / shine all the sparkles in flight /
    hold me tight / just cross the line /
    words capture silently / all this time /
    reminds me now / of islands rising silently /
    desert zones / and western domes /
    footsteps sound so lonely / Travelling into dreams /
    passing season gloved in grey / the feeble dying beam /
    its pain without ecstasy / so, now /
    the contact is lost / nothing but a sense of fear /
    and tonight / the ocean is quiet /
    it’s waters forever dead / and so tell me /
    why reason and lives / are lost inside unveiled desires /
    And it’s too late / too late to return /
    from that golden exotic place / Screaming at last /
    and looking around / all my life lost in /
    a bridge filled with night.

  4. kuklowoda Says:

    Dead cities.
    Me inside me.
    Spring’s coming from you
    in this solitude.
    Lost in the true of death.
    Icy Miami Cyborgs
    Icy Miami Cyborgs,
    Inside, inside…

    These men without my eyes,
    they don’t know, they don’t know.
    The warm wind’s calling from the sea.
    Waters in which I’m drifting.
    Golden desertical beachs.
    Eternal love, eternal cry.

    I see the windows,
    I see Uranie hotel from the inside,
    old chairs on the edge of the wall of shadows,
    and all that I love…
    Dad is dead in my arms,
    and so, all each others..

    The trees rebirth around him
    how can I explain it to myself..?
    Lights of life, lights of life
    so near to me,
    one step again, only one in your rain;
    laying on the sand..
    Rain’s falling on his body.
    There’s a point in that immensity,
    in the obscure ocean.
    And now Miami is dead,
    Wet sands… wet sands..

  5. kuklowoda Says:

    Along these gardens the breeze of May
    is drifting in the light
    And all the pictures are holy and lost
    are burning in the sky.
    We’re on the border, on the wet edge
    the sparkling of the cross
    and I see your eyes so far from here
    flying in the purple dust.

    Spring is all around you
    and calls your name softly in the wind
    Burning when the day is dying
    she kills the rays of a boundless sun.
    And falls after years of death
    eternally on your tears of joy.
    So feel, feel the hands of glory
    that will lead you into a golden sea.

    I see the angels, they come from there,
    they’ve crossed the flaming curtain.
    Your glance is nervous but there’s no fear
    you’re waiting for your crown.

    Spring is all around you
    and calls your name softly in the wind
    And falls after years of death
    eternally on your tears of joy.
    Starless is the evening door
    I see your face, your face in the sun
    and shine in this endless spring
    forever in the light.

    Burning when the day is dying
    and kills the rays of a boundless sun.
    So feel, feel the hands of glory
    that will lead you in a golden sea.
    And shine in this endless spring
    forever in the light.

    And shine in this endless spring
    forever in the light.

  6. kuklowoda Says:

  7. kuklowoda Says:

    Silent so silent and silently
    One tear for my years
    White days after white days
    The old churches still remembering
    Whispers and souls of youngmen in love
    And now I recall the warm heart of my emotion

    The silence all around the snowy gardens
    And late at night the last open cafe in a dark street
    Down some stairs
    She’s gone into a distant light

    Silent so silent and silently
    One stone for my years
    And all the others are gone

    The silence all around the snowy gardens
    And late at night the last open cafe
    In a dark street down some stairs
    The fable’s ending
    Vienna is still shining
    Her chant cuts with a lament
    The dying sunset beams
    Blue blood of Winter
    She’s gone into a distant light

  8. kuklowoda Says:

    Fast, without a story the past falls
    After so many windy days
    A nameless new fog comes.
    All that you may hear is just a lost noise…
    Like a feverish hell’s drone
    In this petrified hill.
    Anyway here it comes
    Looking like unforeseen joy
    In the end, as a thief
    As a silly memory.
    Stealing on stars on stars
    And their everlasting fire.
    Summertime, secretely
    Here it comes with its nonsense
    Stealing any revenge
    And the voice of the dumb dead
    Stealing both Satan’s blood
    And every possible last hope.
    S’got your face, your language
    Your all-time depressing voice
    Your postcards from the world
    Sent off when you were a star.
    All the wanton lies you always spread
    And all the allies you always had
    Are now close to burn down.
    Unreal oblivion without sound
    Makes everything more ghostly while
    So still appears the garden.
    S’got the grudge you always had
    And the snobbery of whom
    Has a friend, maybe dead
    His stuffed body in the lounge.
    S’got the grudge you always had
    And the snobbery of whom
    Had a love, time ago…
    Who killed you before your crimes…

  9. kuklowoda Says:

  10. kuklowoda Says:

    So here I am close to these windows,
    watching those eyes just for a frame,
    feeling I can’t stand that reflection,
    while everything flies into flames.
    Thank you my friends for giving me kindness,
    for understanding what I need,
    forgetting you will be not so hard.
    All that remains.
    All that remains.

    And here’s to you your beloved ghost.
    The things I’ve seen in me are lost.
    Dear lovers you… you know who I am,
    thank you for having killed me so gently,
    for all the tears I cannot cry.
    All that remains is just a fool
    who talks with monsters you don’t see.
    All that remains is just „bare wisdom“.

    I beg you tell me silent words
    ’cause every time I close my eyes
    a scary light denies my sleep
    and a well-known terror suffocates me.
    So please I beg you let me fade
    giving me your warm lost hand to hold on to.
    All that remains is just sleep.
    All that remains.
    All that remains.

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