Смърт в Коктебел

11 август, 1932

r.i.p. Максимилиан Александрович Кириенко-Волошин

I was told:

– Go to the market places –
The time has come,

To call each slave to riot.

But do not cast the truths at them, but blast
The layers of their frozen conceptions:
Let dormant truth arise like fire

From the deepest pit of soul,
That opened itself by thunder of explosion!

The one will get in trouble who persuades a fool!

Who once accepts the truth by faith alone,

Becomes blinded by it,

The preacher is driving before him
A herd of those harassed by truth:

Compulsion by the truth

Is worse than any killing:
Who wants the riot – sow the contradictions,
Who wants to give the freedom – tempt,

Be an incediary,

Be a poison, be a trichina

Be a gadfly that drives the herds insane.

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