Short Cop Stories


от angelovalex


Late at night at the edge of town two Vidin cops came across my way and took me forcefully to an unknown location. They didn’t tell me why they had captured me. The younger one – short and venomous buddy – threatened me with jail and called me a dead man.
I waited in great worry and wondered when or whether they will release me. The older cop – tall and strong, with morose pale face delighted in inner thinking and scheming, told me his name. I was not sure whether he didn’t lie.
Then I woke up and wrote this down.


On a early summer afternoon four cops searched us for drugs. The chief one shouted and behaved heroically, surfing the wave of a cocaine blow. The one who was gypsy made a furious remark that I was looking at him. The older one with a dull gaze who had been ordered to run in outflank didn’t notice the remains of a just smoked up joint in my friend’s pocket…
I started yawning, two flies went into my mouth and played a game of poker while complaining about the lack of ecstasy. I turned over the the half-fallen blanket and pillow.


A lot of people gathered in front of the Bulgarian parliament for a protest. Nobody was trying to express anything because it was all clear. Suddenly the masses of cops that guarded the building went ahead and started beating everyone on their way. I was also there and when one of the cops approached and swung his club to hit me I suddenly woke up by falling out of my bed. I decided never to go to sleep again.

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