350125 – go!

Rudolf_hess_portraitI don’t know if anyone has ever put this together but…350,125 is exactly the number of days that Ian Curtis lived on this earth! From his birthday 7/15/56 til 5/18/80 totals 350,125 days! 23years, 10 months, 3 days! He knew long before, this date was his last! He had to. Most of his words point to this! Can’t just be a coincidence. It’s too accurate! I believe, no matter where he was in life, at this point, he was leaving. It’s in his words! He told so many people he wouldn’t live long!! He knew!! This had to have been his Art. And it only took 27 years to figure it out!“

if ian curtis lived for 350,125 days he would still be alive as he would die at the age of 960! bad maths on your part“
Joy Division Forum

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