Смърт на 50 в Ница

grob„love, love the low smoke rolls from me like Isadora’s scarves, I’m in a fright/ one scarf will catch and anchor in the wheel“.

Sylvia Plath

Fever 103

rip Isadora Duncan

on the night of September 14, 1927, at the age of 50, Nice, France

5 Коментари to “Смърт на 50 в Ница”

  1. kuklowoda Says:

    според някои мемоари се оплаква, че на есенин не му става вече от пиене.

  2. kuklowoda Says:

    през 1913 двете й деца потъват, заедно с гледачката си

  3. kuklowoda Says:

    тя се влияе от ницше, а от нея се влияе розанов

  4. kuklowoda Says:

  5. kuklowoda Says:

    Duncan’s fondness for flowing scarves which trailed behind her was the cause of her death in a freak automobile accident in Nice, France, on the night of September 14, 1927, at the age of 50. The scarf was hand-painted silk from the Russian-born artist Roman Chatov. The accident gave rise to Gertrude Stein’s mordant remark that „affectations can be dangerous.“
    Duncan was a passenger in the Amilcar[5] automobile of a handsome French-Italian mechanic, Benoît Falchetto, whom she had nicknamed „Buggatti“ (sic). Before getting into the car, she said to a friend, Mary Desti (mother of 1940s Hollywood writer-director Preston Sturges), and some companions, „Adieu, mes amis. Je vais à la gloire!“ („Goodbye, my friends, I am off to glory!“). However, according to the diaries of the American novelist Glenway Wescott, who was in Nice at the time and visited Duncan’s body in the morgue (his diaries are in the Beinecke Library at Yale University), Desti admitted that she had lied about Duncan’s last words. Instead, she told Wescott, the dancer actually said, „Je vais à l’amour“ („I am off to love“), which Desti considered too embarrassing to go down in history as the legend’s final utterance, especially as it suggested that Duncan hoped that she and Falchetto were going to her hotel for a sexual assignation.

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